What do People say?

"Working with Sarah was an amazing experience, she made me feel comfortable and safe. Each session with her was an absolute pleasure, an experience that allowed me to heal something within myself with her guidance.
EFT is a powerful tool, and Sarah made my journey feel as easy as possible, completley safe and supported. Her warm and empathic nature makes you feel an instant connection. I left every session feeling empowered and full of positivity. I can't thank her enough for the changes and growth she helped bring into my life!
Maria Creasey, Newquay, UK

"Having had conventional therapy in the past, I was initially skeptical about EFT and Matrix Reimprinting. Sarah  explained about how the therapy worked and her experienced, honest approach made me want to try it.
I can honestly say that I have been shocked by the speed and the power of the results compared to therapy that I have had in the past. Sarah made me feel safe, supported and in control as she guided me through the process addressing tough issues from my past, that imapcted on how I valued myself. The added value beyond conventional therapy for me was the tapping. Unlike more commonplace therapy, the tapping (which at first I thought just sounded ridiculous) gave me a supportive tool to use inbetween my sessions with Sarah, which I now use for everyday ups and downs. For me, the therapy feels like I have looked at myself through another persons eyes. It is this perspective that made me challenge beliefs I had about myself that I realised were holding me down.
Thanks to Sarah, I am more confident to say how I feel or what I need in my relationships with friends or loved ones and therefore more in control - back in the driving seat!
Kate Dion, Leeds, UK
"Sarah is very intuitive and clear guide, who has a strong ability to sense my personal issues. With her patience, compassion and deep understanding she helped me clear some long term issues that bothered me. Sarah posses wisdom, loving presence and empathy which makes me feel safe, relax and in good hands. She genuinely cares about people and her services are outstanding. I strongly recommend Sarah as therapist, practitioner and professional to whom you can turn for help in hard time needing guidance and clarity"
Diana Z Petrova, Copenhagen, Denmark