What is Matrix Reimprinting?

In 2006, EFT master Karl Dawson created a revolutianary off shoot from EFT, called Matrix Reimprinting.

We've all seen Keaunu Reeves in "The Matrix", but according to quantum physics the ideas behind this film are far from make believe.

"The Matrix" or "The Field", as it is commonly know, is an enegy field that is all around us. Connecting everything, as everything is made up of energy. This force field also allows us to go into our past.
The belief is that, often when we experience traumatic events, our body will go into "flight or fight" response where we are litearlly able to fight or run away. This responce was most relevant to our prehestoric ancestors when the threat of danger was great. However if we can do neither of these responces, our body quite literally freezes.

To protect us from the trauma, not only our body freezes but also the traumatic event freezes in time, it snaps off and disasociattes itsself from us. But that event is then stored inside the matrix as unresolved. It forms its own energy body thats always replaying, known as an "echo" which is basically a hologram of your younger self or inner child.

When we are younger, these echo's dont really bother us too much, but as we get older we start to see them sneaking in. Among many other things, allergies to food we have been tolerant to our whole lives will be formed. And you know when you have had one too many and the devil rears its ugly head ... that too! You will start to see negative patterns emerging more and more and you begin to realize how certain situations will trigger negative responces in you.

A trigger is always your subconcious reminding you of one of these traumatic, unresolved issues that has snapped off and is forever replaying in your personal matrix, stuck in time and preventing you from moving on.

So with Matrix Reimprinting we use the tapping from EFT to "tune us in" to a specific memory. We see our little echos and we play the memory almost like a movie in our head. Often those echos are not only childhood memories but also adult echos. Unlike the first time the traumatic situation occured, this time the older You with all that wisdom and hinesight that you have gained is also there with your echo. We are able to stop and stat the movie at any point, tapping on the echo to shift negative energy and make both, your past and your present You, feel safe.
Ultimately you want resolution and understanding. So maybe there was something that you wish that you coud have done in the past to make a difficult situation different. A different responce that "You" could have provided. Imagine for example you could speak to anyone that was there with you in that situation. Tap on them to release some  of there nagative emotion, talk to them and gain a better perspective of what happened that moment and how it made you feel. Explain it to there echo's, so they also gain a better understanding of what happeneed that day. Often just an explanation from you, is enough for the little echo to get a cognitive shift and move on. Anything can happen in the matrix. It is your space to create resolution. Obviously we always try to keep it as positive as we can, it is about resolution not retribution.

Once the trauma is resolved you take the echo to a safe place of its choosing, imprinting a new happy memeory within the subconcious by taking that into your heart space. Every cell in the body knows that the the trauma is over and it stops replaying in the matrix, which means our brains can then form new positive pathways and move on.