What is EFT?

EFT – or tapping as its fondly known – is a healing phenomenon, discoverd by Gary Craig in 1993.

Often reffered to as accupuncture without the needles, EFT is also derived from ancient chinese medicine and is based upon the principles of the mereidian energy system.
Accuptuncture has always focused upon physical well being where as EFT takes the more holistic appproach, believeing that the mind and body are connected and that negative emotion is the first warning sign that something is wrong within our enegy system. If we ignore those warning signs and leave the problems unresolved they will eventually manifest themselves as phyisiacl disease.

EFT is totally safe and inavasive. It works by tapping on a series of meridian points (pressure points) around the head, shoulder and hand areas. Focusing upon a specific issue and emotion we release the trapped energy tapping those meridian points. As we tap we also tune into how that emotion makes us feel within our bodies. For example sadness will often feel like  a heavy grey feeling in our heart or nerves while anxiousness manifests as butterflies in our tummys. As we tap the negative emotion just dissipates allowing us to calm down and think more clealy about the problem.

Basic EFT is easy to learn, and I will  teach you how to use it to quickly shift neagative emotion and leave you with feelings of calm and clarity. With this technique you will be able to break negative thought patterns that you could otherwise be obsessing over for the rest of the day, week or maybe even years.